Welland Horticultural Society

Established 1918

Monthly Meetings Typically the 3rd Wednesday of the Month

January Meeting

January 15th

Movie Night will host a variety of different short videos to help us get ready for the new gardening year.

We will hopefully include the Proven Winners for 2020.

Popcorn will be provided.

February Meeting

February 19th

Small Scale Farms will be in and speaking to us regarding "Regenerative Agriculture: The Time is Now".

They will also be explaining a little on what they do.

March Meeting

March 18th


Rescheduled for March 17th, 2021

Sean James will be speaking to us regarding Pruning.

On how to prune woody ornamentals – shrubs to trees – young and old

  • an in-depth pruning demonstration of how to make proper cuts and maintaining aging shrubs
  • a short discussion on identification of diseases and how to deal with them
  • everyone needs to hear this but may not know it.

April Meeting

April 15th


Rescheduled for April 21st ,2021

Darren Creighton a local photographer will be discussing Developing a Personal Style in your photography.

May Meeting Cancelled

May 20th


This event was cancelled.

eptember Meeting

September 16th

Native medicine Plants.

October Meeting

October 21st

Our very own Cecile Letourneau will be discussing and showing us how to get your tools ready for winter storage.

November Meeting

November 18th

In addition to our Annual General Meeting, to which we closeout the business of the Society and install a new executive.

We will be having a hands-on workshop, in which we will be creating a holiday centre piece. Costs will be announced at a later time.